Happy 101st anniversary to the National Parks system!

To celebrate one of the most prideful parts of these United States, here is a compilation of the parks we have visited so far in our lifetimes. Only sixseven! – so far, but it is a very important goal to explore the dozens of other unique monuments and vast lands this wonderful country has to offer us.

Below are a mosaic of photographs we have captured from National Parks and Monuments in the following territories: Colorado, Puerto Rico, New York and Texas.

Please enjoy them and please go visit them, be in awe of them, take care of them!

UPDATE! – We have since added a new park in a new state to our visitation list. This time it is the unbelievable, other-wordly National Park known as Carlsbad Caverns located within the land of enchantment, New Mexico. Photographs taken within this park have been added to the collection below. Please review and enjoy!




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