2017 Governors Ball Music Festival – Day Three

New York City’s Governors Ball Festival – Day Three – Phantogram, AIR, Tool

Hey yeah, we went to New York City! For several important reasons (For the full adventure, jump and explore here!: https://everythingeverphotography.com/2017/08/10/new-york-state-of-mind-the-city-and-the-journey-to-niagara-falls/ ). Since we were around the time of Governors Ball 2017, and they had a cool collection of artists on their lineup, we decided to hop on Randall’s Island for the final day of their festival. We caught New York natives Phantogram, the elusive British instrumentalists AIR, and the finale of the festivities, Tool.

First up – fun with Phantogram!

Here is a slideshow of miscellaneousness around the festival through the night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AIRing it out in the tent!!! So happy to cross these guys off the list after being a fan for decades.

Tool time from a distance. The crowd was jam-packed after seeing all of the AIR set. But don’t worry, I have some much closer Tool shots from a previous festival – Voodoo in New Orleans – that I plan to eventually post.

As always – Stay tuned for more to come! Everything Ever is infinite!

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